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You Can Now Book A Free Nap During Canada’s First-Ever "Nap Tour"

Finally, an excuse for naptime!

When summer hits, we all have a busy schedule: whether it’s getting up early to savour the sun and go for a run, power through a workday kicking goals left, right and center or chilling with friends at a terrace after work. And more often than not, we hit a wall early in the day, and it's tough to keep going. And that might be because we haven't had the sleep we deserve.

Seriously, did you know that Canadians are the third most sleep-deprived population in the world? There's a lot to be said about the tips and tricks for a good night sleep (goodbye, Netflix!), but one that makes a legit difference is having a good mattress like a Casper. And if you haven't tried a Casper mattress yet (it will transform your life), the next best thing is an afternoon nap.

Science shows us napping is amazing for boosting our productivity at work and even makes you a bit smarter. So who needs a little afternoon siesta? You.


It’s not easy to grab a nap in the afternoon, so how, oh how, can we get out of the office for a sneaky nap? Well, Casper is here to save the day with their Napmobile. That’s right. Touring the country with The Nap Tour, Casper mattresses are heading to Ottawa with their Napmobile so you can nap to your heart’s content in one of their free nap pods. Did we mention they have bedtime stories?

The Napmobile is parking in Ottawa July 1-3, on 383 Slater St. Any moment you feel in the mood to count some zzz's, just swing by the Napmobile and one of the Casper Nap Specialists will assign you a nap pod. Or, if you know you have a peak nap time (hello, 3.30pm?) get on the Casper site and book your naptime now.

You might be wondering just what Casper knows about sleep. This mattress company has not been napping on the job (ha!) and their San Francisco R&D team have been working super hard for years to reimagine sleep to design an outrageously comfortable mattress. That right: outrageously comfortable. There’s some serious science involved in every fiber, foam bubble and thread so that when you’re next up for counting sheep, we’re convinced you’re going to struggle to hit double digits.

If you’ve got friends across the country, they might also see The Nap Tour in their city, with the Napmobile travelling across the country, bringing much-needed naps to Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. The Casper Nap Tour will also be making their tour seriously Canadian to celebrate the country’s 150th Anniversary of the Confederation. The Napmobile will also have a Muskoka Chair rest area to a Tuck-in shoppe, so Casper will help you feel right at home before your naptime.

If you would like to power through your day and bring that extra burst of energy, hit up the Napmobile when it arrives in Ottawa, making everyone’s (sweet) dreams come true.