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You Can Now Get Bubble Waffle Ice Cream Cones In Ottawa

A good excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast.
You Can Now Get Bubble Waffle Ice Cream Cones In Ottawa

I'm sure you've seen these adorable ice cream cones everywhere by now. Well, the city that's used to getting everything cool last has officially gotten bubble waffle ice cream cones. *Screams*

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Scrolling through Insta, you've more than likely seen a blogger or a friend with one of these cones. But of course, they're in Toronto or California and the FOMO is reaaaal. But now you can try them out yourself! 

At Moo Shu Ice Creamwhich is an adorable artisanal ice cream shop in Ottawa, they serve bubble waffle ice cream cones. And the best part is that they use as local as possible ingredients, so you don't have to worry about a ton of unhealthy crap going into your body. The healthier the ice cream, the better. 

Not only do they have the original flavour, but they also have black sesame, earl grey, and cheddar if you're feeling daring. Their batches of ice cream changes all the time, so the flavours are never the same. However, the most popular flavours are: 

  • Black sesame
  • Hong Kong milk tea
  • Ginger vanilla bean
  • Lime leaf + fresh mint
  • Local strawberry
  • Froot Loops cereal milk
  • Vegan chocolate

I mean, all of those in a bubble waffle cone are to die for. Froot Loops cereal milk in an earl grey bubble cone? Yes please!

Egg waffles, as they call them in Hong Kong where they originated from, are the internets newest obsession and I can see why. As if eating ice cream wasn't amazing enough, now we have something else to waste spend our money on. Yum!

Moo Shu Ice Cream is located at 477 Bank St, and they're open every day of the week except Tuesdays. For more information, check out their website.

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