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You Can Paint For Free On Parliament Hill At This Ottawa Event

Just pack your creativity!
You Can Paint For Free On Parliament Hill At This Ottawa Event

Painting is always such a good time. Whether you're someone that paints like a pro or you're someone that sticks to more abstract paintings, no matter what you are bound to have a good time. It's always a positive thing to activate your more creative side and mess around with some colours on a blank canvas. 

With spring upon us (sort of), it's time to start planning for what you will get up to during warmer days! There's seriously nothing better than spending time outside. Soaking up the sun and sitting on the grass under blue skies is something I think we are all craving right now. This event combines three of the best things painting, outside, at Parliament Hill!

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Paint Therapy Ottawa is going to be held at Parliament Hill and you seriously don't want to miss it. Not only is painting a super fun activity it is also a great form of therapy. The event is held to raise awareness of mental illness and highlight the importance of art as a form of therapy. 

It's so simple and easy to attend, seriously all you need to do is bring your creativity! Make your way to Parliament completely empty-handed for a fun-filled day. Paint Therapy Ottawa provides everything you need to create your masterpiece. Paint brushes, paint, canvas, pallets, and water, you honestly just need to bring yourself.

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Everyone is welcome to the event so rally up your BFFs and head to Parliament Hill. This is such a nice place to see the community come together to support and raise awareness of mental illness. Everyone is prone to face some form of mental illness in their lives, whether it's you personally, a friend, or a family member it affects us all. This is a perfect way to raise awareness of the topic and start the conversation. 

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Head to Parliament Hill on July 22nd to join the community in raising awareness of mental health issues. Bring your creativity with you and paint your day away. Painting is a great way to help reduce mental illness and add some creativity in your life. For more information about this amazing event click here. To learn more about Art Therapy for Mental Illness, click here

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