If you're on the search for what to do this weekend, this shop in Ottawa will help you for sure. Here you can paint your own mug or decoration while drinking a glass of wine or enjoying some bubble tea. It's always awesome to unleash your inner child once in a while and doing it while drinking some wine makes it even better. 

Sometimes it can be tricky to find something unique and classy to do in Ottawa and this shop is the both. It's perfect for a birthday or even just a meet up with your friends. 

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Art Haven will have you feeling like an artist in no time. The steps of the process are simple. You choose your favourite pottery to paint, choose the colours, order your favourite drink, and paint away the night. It's such a great activity to do with your friends if you're all bored.

Did I mention the inside is cute AF and totally Insta worthy? They have a wall of colourful mugs displayed to help you choose colours. The wall is super cute and makes a perfect backdrop for a photo with your art. 

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Head to Art Haven if you're looking for something fun and unique to do. It is located at 102 - 200 Kennevale Drive and it's worth visiting. They serve a ton of different drink options including coffee (for all those coffee lovers out there, they've got you covered too). For more information click here

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