For some (obvious) reason, everyone these days seems to be obsessed with mini houses. Nothing sounds cuter than cuddling up with your bae, or even your BFFs in the forest no matter what time of year it is. If you can't afford to buy one of these, which most of us can't, you can rent one for a weekend. Or longer! It depends on how long you want to stay relaxed. 

Not only are they super comfortable, environmentally friendly and submerged in nature, but they're also not too far of a drive from Eastern Ontario!

Repére Boréal let's you rent out these mini homes in the forest, so your dream of living in a fairytale can actually come true. The views are enchanting, and no matter what time of year it is it will be the most relaxing time of your life. In the forest of Charlevoix, you won't be bothered with a single person. So if you hate people, this is also your dream. 

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Not only are there adorable mini homes, but there are also amenities that will make you want to prolong your stay. From a four season spa to a barrel sauna to an outdoor shower, you'll feel so refreshed after your stay here. Not to mention they also have a multi-purpose room that has yoga mats, a video projector, and so much more. 

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Mini cottages, mini homes, the most adorable thing in the world–but no matter what you call it, it's truly paradise. 

Repére Boréal is located in Les Éboulements, Quebec City. For more information on location, and how to book, click here

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Original Article: MJ Rocheleau - Narcity Montreal