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You Can Spend Your Day With Sloths At This Ottawa Event

Sloths, owls, snakes, bunnies, and MORE!
You Can Spend Your Day With Sloths At This Ottawa Event

Even though Ottawa doesn't have its own zoo, the city still offers up so many chances for you to spend your day with animals. Ottawa is home to many different animal sanctuaries and safari parks, even though we don't have a huge zoo, we still have chances to get our cuddly animal time. From puppy yoga to goat yoga, there are many opportunities to meet and greet with cute animals in Ottawa. 

Anyone that loves animals takes any chance they can to spend the day petting and holding all types of animals. Whether you're a fan of cats, puppies, birds, or even goats, animals always have a soft spot in our hearts. Sloths are one of the cutest animals there is, from their cute faces to their slow movements they are absolutely adorable. Maybe this is your chance to live out your dream of meeting a sloth, all those Kristen Bells out there are sure to have a great day. 

Little Ray's Reptile Zoo is teaming up with Animal Ambassadors to create their largest and most extravagant exhibit to date. The dynamic duo will be in a 12,000 square foot exhibit that features a Sloth, Skunk, Harris Hawk, Eagle Owl, Vulture, Alligator, Snakes, Tarantulas, Tortoises, Bunnies, Ferrets, and much, more! Overall the day will have over 30 live animal exhibits.

The interactive exhibit includes 2 highly interactive 30-minute educational programs that will rotate 15 minutes apart each day. There will also be many staff members walking about with animals for you to interact with. With so much to do at this exhibit, be sure to spend at least 1 to 2 hours there cause you can't miss a thing!

All of the animals at the exhibit are from Little Ray's Reptiles Zoo. Little Ray's Reptiles Zoo is the largest exotic animal rescue in Canada and it provides a safe home for 100's of seized and unwanted pets 'till the best long term solution can be found. None of the animals at the rescue are from the wild, about 80% of the animals are unwanted or seized. 

If there are any animals born within the zoo, they are released as soon as they are eligible to be. Any other animals in their care are used for educational exhibits and programs to create conversations. 

Meet a Sloth! Ottawa, Diversity of Living Things, is coming to Ottawa next month and it shouldn't be missed. It will run on April 7th and 8th from 10 am to 5 pm. There are different showtimes for the exhibit, Little Ray's Reptile Zoo will present at 10:15, 11: 45, 1: 15, 2: 45, and 4:15. Animal Ambassador's showtimes are 11:00, 12:30, 2:00, and 3:30 the sloth will come out during the Animal Ambassadors show, so make sure you don't miss those times. 

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