You Can Watch Free Outdoor Movies In Ottawa Throughout Summer

Free is our favourite word!
You Can Watch Free Outdoor Movies In Ottawa Throughout Summer

Ottawans only have 3 to 4 months of summer, so any chance we get to spend time outside, we take it! Whether you head to patios, beaches, or simply just go for a walk, taking in the summer weather is something we all need to do while we can! Before we know it the chilly weather will roll in, so we all have to take full advantage of this great weather.

Yes somedays can be super humid, but hey, would you rather have a snow storm? Stop complaining about the humidity and get outside while you can. Going to the movies is an awesome activity, but during the summer heading to a cinema to watch a movie is simply a waste of a summer day! Not only is this a greta way to take in the hot weather, it's also FREE (bless). Don't break your bank account and head to this outdoor cinema!

Capital Pop-Up Cinema is Ottawa's only travelling outdoor cinema and they play movies throughout the summer. They work with local businesses to show free movies all summer long. They are held at various locations and show a new movie each weekend. Being at Capital Pop-Up Cinema is all about having a fun shared experience, so whether you go with your friends or your bae, you are sure to remember it forever. 

It's such a unique way to watch a movie! Instead of just heading to a regular theatre, this gives you the chance to take in the warm summer weather while watching a movie classic. Pack up your own popcorn and snacks to enjoy a free movie outside. Popcorn is also sold for $2 if you wish to buy it there. You can bring your own chairs and blankets or you can rent an inflatable couch for only $5!

Capital Pop-Up Cinema starts to play their movies at sundown. They are playing movies all summer long. Some classics that will be shown are:

  • The Neverending Story: Parkdale Park
  • Footloose: Sparks Street
  • The Princess Bride: ByWard Market
  • Jurassic Park: Sparks Street
  • Dumb and Dumber: Parkdale Park
  • Ratatouille: Parkdale Park

Though heading to watch the movies is 100% free, there is a Capital Pop-Up Cinema fan club that you can join for just $20. This comes with a large fleece pink blanket, a popcorn bucket, a pin, and a free popcorn fill. You also get your name on our pre-show scroll for the entire season listed as an official member of the Capital Pop-Up Cinema fan club. Membership is limited so if you want to join be sure to join the club on-site when you go!

Head outside to watch your favourite movie for a change! It's completely free so why not try it out. Pack your snacks, bring a blanket, and watch a classic favourite at one of their locations. To know more about when and where the movies will play be sure to visit their website here for more information!