Summer season = festival season! With so many festivals going on this summer it can be pretty tricky to know which ones to go to, especially if you’re trying to save your money. This festival in Ottawa is 100% a must. Seriously, what’s better than going to a festival and having fun all while not spending a single penny?! If you’re someone that loves to be outside, explore new things, and loves live music, then this festival is calling out your name.

Ottawa has been pretty spoiled recently when it comes to festivals. We just had a huge vegan food festival, there's a forest music festival coming this summer, beer fest just passed by as did a huge yoga festival. All festivals are great, but they usually always require you to spend your money. Luckily this festival coming to Ottawa this week will have your back when it comes to saving your money. 

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Glowfair Festival is a massive block party that happens in Ottawa every summer. The huge festival involves Bank Street restaurants, bars, and merchants. The event is entirely free and will have you strolling from one unique thing to the next. There are so many fun activities you can do while at the festival. At night the festival starts to glow, from glowsticks to the colourful lights, the festival comes to life once the sun sets.  

The festival is sure to have you dancing your night away. As soon as you enter the festival you will feel a rush of energy as the artists around you celebrate art, light, and music. Each block that is shut down is transformed into its own section of fun. Glowfair has something for everyone, whether you like art, music, or taking Instagrams, there is something for you to do while at this festival. 

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The festival brings together performers every year making for unique things to see throughout the festival. This year there will be a mesmerizing augmented reality experience for festival-goers, as magicians and artists transform the street right in front of your eyes! You will also get to experience Bank Street as a playground, as giant, glowing swings will be waiting for you at the festival! There will be an entire block dedicated to showcasing the incredible talent that Ottawa has to offer in way of local artists and a dozen murals the public can see from start to finish throughout Glowfair weekend. 

The festival will also include a glowing enchanted forest. Glowing trees will illuminate the street as you stroll through and search for special glow items like wands, glow sticks, and necklaces that you get to keep. Glow Yoga is also something that happens at this festival, however you do need to purchase tickets in advance. There will also be a Turtle Island block that will bring together indigenous artists, performers, and Elders with stunning music and dance performances, as well as a traditional village recreation. And if you love roller skating then you will love the block that offers retro-inspired roller-skating. Roller skates will be available for rental for all ages and sizes, sip on some lemonade or some soda while having a blast. 

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At night several artists will take the stage for a fun glowing night. Some of the artists performing on the main stage include Bayla, Cash Cash, Iskwé, Karl Wolf, Mosely, Ralph, and Ria Mae. Some of the DJs performing at the DJ Stage include Iggy, Montana, 4 Korners, Miss Shelton, and Paris & Simo. For more information about the artists coming to the festival, click here

Glowfair Festival will be on June 14th to June 16th. This is a summer block party that you do not want to miss. Each festival day has different activities so be sure to check their website here for more information about the festival. If you're searching for something fun and FREE to do this summer, this is a great activity. 

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