With festivals popping up all around us there's no doubt that summer is in the air. Summer memories are constantly filled with picnics, ice cream, hikes, and of course a ton of festivals. Whether it's a massive street food festival or a chill out yoga festival or a vegan food festival, there are so many to attend this summer. 

Music festivals have one of the best types out there. They're filled with dancing, laughing, and singing along. Not to mention the fact that the sun only sets around 8pm now! So with longer days and warmer nights, music festivals are the best way to take advantage of the summer days. If you love attending music festivals then you need to add this one to your summer bucket list. 

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Bon-Fire Music Festival is happening this summer and you don't want to miss it. This end of summer celebration event is a nationally recognized place for creativity. The festival presents uncompromising regional music alongside national and international artists.

Arboretum is responsible for creating this wonderful music festival in Ottawa. This is the Bon-Fire Festival's 7th annual event and it is going to be amazing. Arboretum supports Ottawa's cultural fabric by creating a revelatory music festival as well as many events year round. The festival transforms the outdoors into stunning venues to showcase talented national and international artists. 

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This unique music festival will take place at Rideau Pines Farm. The farm is only 25 minutes away from downtown Ottawa. It is an independent and family run farm that is sure to immerse you in a magical forest. Past Arboretum festivals have included late parties, club nights, BBQ's, cultural discussions, interactive installations, media art, and industry events in downtown venues. 

This years line-up includes so many wonderful artists. The featured artists are sure to have you dancing your night away. All together there are 19 artists coming to the festival. Some of the many artists attending the festival include: 

  • Wolf Parade
  • Shay Lia
  • Chad VanGaalen
  • Jessy Lanza
  • Ansley Simpson
  • Bonnie Doon

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Bon-Fire Festival will be on August 17th and 18th at Rideau Pines Farm. Early Bird tickets are on sale now so be sure to get that discount while you can. The Early Bird pass includes a free shuttle bus from downtown Ottawa, full weekend access and late party access. For more information about this unique Ottawa festival, be sure to visit the website here

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