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You Have To Discover This Hidden Waterfall Just Outside Of Ottawa This Summer

Summer in a nutshell includes ice cream, picnics, walks, pools, and of course, HIKES! During the winter months the thought of going on a hike outside excites only a few brave thrill seekers out there, but I know for sure there are quite a few people who would never attempt to hike while there's snow on the ground. This is the season when hiking kicks off, from summer into fall, hiking becomes a great activity to do. 

Hiking is a great way to get outside and be immersed in nature's beauty. From the chirping birds to the green trees, every aspect of hiking is gorgeous. Not to mention the fact that it's completely free! If you're trying to save your money up this summer then hiking is 100% for you. This spot just outside of Ottawa has a pretty falls as well as a pretty view. Lace up your sneakers, pack your hat, and bring your water because it's time to adventure. 

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Luskville Falls is located near Pontiac, Quebec. The trail is 4.5 kilometers long and it takes about 2 and a half hours to hike. The trail is steep and can get slippery when it is wet so be sure to wear you safest hiking gear. While on the trail you will follow the Luskville Falls Trail, stop at the falls, and stop at the Lusk, Pontiac, and Fire Tower Lookouts. 

The falls trial has a 300 metre climb up a unique natural habitat rocky slope (Eardley Escarpment). The lower portion of the falls is almost vertical and below that is a stream that winds its way from the base of the falls. With winter just finishing up and snow being fully melted, spring the the best time to visit the falls because all of the snow creates a rushing torrent.

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The Luskville Falls Trial climbs up the Eardley Escarpment for nearly 300 meters. The summit is a part of an ancient mountain range made of Precambrian rock that's been eroded by water, wind, and glaciers. More than 10,000 years ago, the Champlain Sea was at the bottom of the epic Escarpment. 

The lookouts throughout the trail offer up stunning views of the Ottawa Valley. The Pontiac Lookout provides a point to look at the Pontiac Region as well as Ottawa. The lookout was named in honour of Chief Pontiac of Ottawa. The Lusk Lookout has an incredible view of rich clay plains. You will be in awe of the many lookouts during your hike to the Luskville Falls. 

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Pack up your hiking bag and make your way to this hidden waterfall in Quebec. This trail will immerse you in nature and let you soak up that summer sun. Luskville Falls Trail is located at Luskville, Quebec J0X 2G0. For more information about the trail visit the National Capital Commission's website here

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