Waterparks are always such a great time. You get to spend the entire day outside soaking up the summer sun while having an absolute blast. This waterpark is the largest in Canada so you know you will have an unbelievable time. Not to mention the fact that this waterpark also have the largest wave pool in all of Canada! If you're someone that loves everything about waterparks, then you have to add this massive park to your summer bucket list. 

There are always different types of people at waterparks. There's the group that goes on rides from time to time, chills out, plays volleyball, enjoys some drinks, and floats through the lazy river. There are other groups who focus on doing every single ride in the entire park. Then there are the adrenaline junkies who search for the craziest rides in the waterpark and do them over and over again. No matter the type of waterpark goer you are, there is no doubt you are in for a great time at this huge waterpark. 

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Calypso Theme Waterpark is Canada's biggest theme waterpark with the largest wave pool in the country. They have over 35 different types of slides, over 100 different water games, and 2 different theme rivers. The park has so many options for all ages. Whether you go with children or not, there is seriously something for everyone. Your entire day will be filled with fun under the sun. 

The wave pool at Calypso Palace has three types of waves. Each type causes you to think about exactly how to jump and what the rhythm will be like. Each time the waves are about to begin a loud horn can be heard throughout the park. Calypso Palace is where all of the wave fun begins. Whether you enjoy laying by the beach, splashing in the shallow water, or jumping with the waves, the massive wave pool is sure to have you feeling the summer vibes. 

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Calypso Theme Waterpark has been open since 2010. Since it's opening the park continues to add new attractions. The tallest free-standing waterslide tower in Canada (Summit Tower) was built a year after they opened up. They also added the insane AquaLoops, 4 high speed waterslides and 4 slides for the entire family. In 2012 they continued to grow by adding in a fun Jungle Challenge that makes you feel like you're in a game show. Calypso hasn't stopped, a river through an African themed savana (Kongo Expedition), 3 restaurants, and more picnic tables were added in 2013. This year Calypso is opening a brand new attraction and we can't wait to see it. 

While at the park you can enjoy a meal from their many restaurants or simply bring your own food from home. There are VIP cabanas with Wi-Fi that you can rent if you feel like being fancy or you can simply use their picnic tables that are located throughout the entire park. If you wish to enjoy some drinks you can at their Hawaiian Beach Bar, the bar is located beside a beach volleyball court so you can sip on your cocktail while watching some games. If you have more of a sweet tooth, they also have Tam Tam Ice Cream Shop to crush your ice cream cravings.  

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There are so many different rides at this insane park. From things that will get your adrenaline pumping, to more chill things like the lazy river, you're in for a day of fun with all of the rides. Some of the rides at the park include: 

  • Boomerango: Moderate, massive wave will push you to its very depth before you shoot up a vertical wall and rush back for a splash
  • AquaLoops: Extreme, The cabin door shuts and you feel a rush of excitement. 3, 2, 1...The trap door suddenly swings open under your feet and gravity pulls you down at over 60 km/h!
  • Kongo Expedition: Moderate, sit in an inner tube and let the waves transport you through an African savanna
  • Summit Towers: Moderate, after two small vertivals downwards, the final drop is steep and will get your adrenaline level at an all time high

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Calypso Theme Waterpark opens up for the season on June 6th. The waterpark is located in Limoges Ontario at 2015 Calypso Street. The huge park is only 20 minutes east of Ottawa and 75 minutes west of Montreal. Be sure to head here this summer for an absolute blast under the sun. For more information about Calypso Theme Waterpark, visit their website here.

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