Ottawa is a huge tourist attraction and popular destination for new students. It's a quaint, quiet, but lively city that has much to offer including sports, entertainment, and culture. 

However, if you've been in Ottawa long enough, you've definitely familiarized yourself to the nightlife here. Ottawans know of the many gems in the ByWard Market and nearby that serve as a great excuse to get lit. Only true Ottawans can claim they're from the city if they've been to the following bars:

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1. Tequila Jacks

Every barely legal student's go to place, TJ's offers locals top 40's hits and it's always packed. If you haven't been to TJ's, can you really claim you're from the city? Everyone knows that all good drunk nights start at TJ's...

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2. Patty Boland's

Boasting 3 floors with all different genres of music, Patty B's has been around for what feels like forever. You'll find people of all ages there since it does give off more of a pub feel but it is definitely an Ottawa gem.

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3. JunXion

Infamous for their cheap Tuesday's, JunXion has become one of the most popular places in the city to get the club going up on a Tuesday, *cue Drake*. They have 2 floors and cheap alcohol making it a top spot in Ottawa.

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4. Kavali

Previously Era, Kavali is one of Ottawa's higher end clubs and it's packed every single Saturday - yea that's right, they're open just on Saturday's. The club is pretty selective about who gets in but that's what keeps people going back; exclusivity and a VIP treatment.

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5. Sotto

Before Sentral and NVY were born, Sotto was THE spot for EDM music; any and all Ottawa lovers of the electronic genre could be found there on the weekend. Unfortunately, it got shut down a couple years ago but anyone who's from Ottawa has at least been to Sotto once in their lifetime.

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6. Ritual

Back in the day, Ritual had lines that went all the way down the block. A common spot for rap shows and music performances, Ritual was always packed to capacity. Unfortunately, like some of the other clubs on this list, the popular Ottawa club was shut down!

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7. Era (Now Kavali)

Before Kavali was introduced to Ottawa, locals had a spot called Era. It was so popular that it was the official pickup spot for tickets for the annual music festival, Escapade. If you're local to Ottawa then you definitely had to have hit up this popular spot when it was still around.

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8. Bourbon Room

Whether you knew it as its' former name, Mansion or as it's current name, Bourbon Room, this club has BEEN one of Ottawa's most popular night time spots. They have a number of different shows and events each week with very loyal and dedicated night life enthusiasts.

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9. Pub 101

3 floors, cheap cover, endless events, Pub 101 is perhaps one of the most popular clubs in Ottawa. It's been a common spot for Ottawa locals for quite some time now and it's definitely where you'll find the most students. Anytime anything happens in Ottawa, this is the spot to end up at.

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10. Heart and Crown

Last but not least, we have the infamous Heart and Crown. Every single weekend, this club manages to attract lines upon lines of club goers. The dance floor is huge and the music is always lit making it one of Ottawa's most appreciated spots.