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You Need To Check Out This Island In Ontario That's Like A Huge Bath Tub

If you're someone who loves baths, and schedules your plans around baths, this island is for you. Unfortunately, you can't drop a Lush bath bomb into the water this time. Sorry!

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If you've been searching for a road trip to do with your bae or BFFs, you've officially found it. This hidden gem is something that needs to be shared, considering it's something you could find on a tropical vacation. There are no palm trees surrounding this island, but that's okay. 

Bathtub Island is located in Lake Superior Provincial Park and it can be found at Katherine Cove. Bathtub Island is just a 15 minute walk from Katherine Cove, and it's a walk you must take. Surrounded by rocks locking the water in, you'll find a bathtub like island. Wonder where that name came from!

This bathtub is formed when the waves are high enough to get over the rocks. Getting to the island isn't the tricky part, but getting onto the island can be. The rocks are super slippery and are about 3 ft high, so you need to be careful when climbing it. 

The temptation to lay in the bathtub just floating around is so real. You'll be able to sunbathe on the rocks, or swim around in the island for as long as you'd like. This shallow water is warmed by the sun, which gives it that extra bath feel. Seriously, I need to be there now. 

So what are you waiting for?! Make the trip to Lake Superior Provincial Park to really see what the hype is all about. Bathtub Island will be waiting for you, all warm and even prettier than a Lush bath. 

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