When someone asks me what my favourite store is, my answer will now be Tinseltown Christmas Emporium. 

Maybe you're a grinch and don't like Christmas, but for those of us that do, how f*cking cute is this store?! Just the outside of it makes you feel like you're in a Christmas movie, and even better? It's open ALL year round! Basically, you can define this store as Christmas on crack in the best way possible. 

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If you're looking for the door to happiness, you've found it at Tinseltown Christmas Emporium. I mean, even the name sounds like a Christmas movie! But seriously, let's get down to business. Not only is this store open all year round, but they have every decoration or gift you could ever want. Walking by this store you wouldn't even have to guess if it was a Christmas-themed store. 

From trees to ornaments to stockings to little nicknacks, this place is bursting with Christmas cheer. Imagine going here with a peppermint latte in your hand? Ugh, I know what I'm doing this weekend. 

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From old school decorations to statues of Mrs. Claus, I guarantee you can not feel sad in this shop. Maybe you're wondering why they're open all year round, but it's to bring nostalgia and Christmas cheer the whole year! Some people love Christmas that much. 

Sorry, don't mind me. I just can't get over how cute this Christmas store is. Unfortunately, we can't live there (the dream) but the store is open everyday of the week, so you can get your Christmas fix whenever you need it!

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Tinseltown Christmas Emporium is located at 1096 Somerset Street West and the hours vary. You can't say you love Christmas and not check out this unique shop! So cancel all your plans this weekend and start your holiday shopping ASAP! For more information, check out their website here

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