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You Need To Do This Midnight Race Through Mountains In Ottawa

Race through mountains at midnight in pitch darkness? Yes, please. This is the perfect event if you're a night owl, adventurous, and in need of something exciting to do. Get outside before the fall weather begins to roll in and add this new unique event to your bucket list ASAP.

The Midnight Race is super unique because it's the first of its kind in all of North America. If you love a good adrenaline rush then you have to sign up. The midnight race will get your blood pumping and will leave you feeling crazy adventurous. 

You don't even need to be a runner to do this race. The point is that you'll have an extremely fun time in the middle of the night. And if you are a runner looking for a race that's out of the ordinary, I think you may have found it. As someone that runs almost everyday, this event gets me super excited because it's so different!

The race consists of 17 different obstacle courses and is 5KM in length. After the adrenaline pumping race, there will be a cafeteria, bar, rest area, and free recovery massages available to all racers! This is the perfect final hurrah before you pack your school bags and buy your textbooks.

This event is truly a once in a lifetime experience. End your summer on the right note! The race is on August 26th 2017 and for more information about this epic race click here.

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