Anyone who's lived in Ottawa is definitely familiar with the famous York Street Steps that connect the ByWard Market and Major's Hill Park. It's no strange sight to see abstract murals painted on the steps in the spring and summer.

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This year, a new and appropriately special mural has been painted on the famous steps.

via @sammyp2008

A multi-coloured maple leaf has been painted step-by-step, just like the many other abstract murals before it. When viewed from afar in the ByWard Market, at Inspiration Village, you can see how all the painted steps add up to one beautiful picture. The picture's multitude of colours is intended to represent Canada's multiculturalism and diversity

The mural, which was created by artist Clara Micheau, will be on the steps until Spring 2018. And, hey - the mural is just steps away from the big Ottawa letters in the ByWard Market, so you can get more than just one patriotic pic to take home.