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You Need To Visit This Creepy Ghost Town Near Ottawa

One of the best preserved ghost towns in Ontario.
You Need To Visit This Creepy Ghost Town Near Ottawa

Ottawa is known for having its fair share of haunted buildingsbut one rarely talked about scary sight is an abandoned town just an hour's away from downtown.

Just outside of Perth is Allan's Mills - an abandoned mining town that became vacant in the 19th century. While not necessarily haunted, to this day, much of the original buildings still exist, including a general store, a post office and even a small school house.

Practically every original building is still in tact, making it one of the best preserved ghost towns in Ontario and Canada. You'll find the town - or more so, a hamlet - down a long stretch of gravel road near Perth. There's no streetlights going down the road, so if you're afraid of the dark, perhaps don't visit at night.

During its peak, Allan's Mills was home to a shoemaker, a carpenter, a wagon maker and a few other nearby mill owners. All gradually left as business started to decline.

Today, the mill and its surrounding buildings are privately owned. This means you're unable to explore the inside, but you're still able to drive down Allans Mills Road to check out the buildings from your car. But, again - as the area is privately-owned - be respectful.

If you're ever in Perth, the 10km drive to check out one of the province's most famous rural ghost towns is always worth it. That is, if you're brave enough.

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