Korean food is unbelievably delicious. From Kimchi to Bibimbap to Korean BBQ to Ddukbokkie, the list of delicious Korean meals can seriously go on. Whether you're already a lover of Korean foods or you've never tasted it before, get ready because once you try the amazingness that is Korean food, your life will change. 

Ottawa is home to some pretty nice restaurants. Yes, we don't have the same amount of options as cities like Vancouver or Toronto, but we are actually coming up in the restaurant game. And yes, we may be a tad bit slow when it comes to food trends, but hey, one thing is for sure, we have some of the tastiest local restaurants.

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Food Mood: Korean Kitchen opened up last September and if you have never been, now is your time to go. Owners of Food Mood: Korean Kitchen are from Vancity-West Coast and they've come to Ottawa to serve us fresh, homemade, authentic Korean food made from scratch. The family-run business also serves up some fusion Korean specialty meals. 

Food Mood: Korean Kitchen is a perfect spot to go to grab a quick snack or a fast meal. It is located super close to UOttawa and right on Rideau Street. Heading here for a flavourful Korean meal is the perfect option if you're in search of a new local restaurant to call home. 

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This spot has quickly become a local favouriteThey serve up a variety of vegetarian or vegan options so there really is something for everyone here. Plus their foods are all very reasonably priced so you won't be breaking your bank account by heading here. Some of their dishes include: 

  • Smoked-Bulgogi style Bibimbapp
  • Vegan Kimmari 
  • Crispy Crunchy Chicken
  • Korean Style Katsu
  • Spicy Rice Cakes
  • Gimbap

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It's time to enjoy some unreal Korean flavours! Head to Food Mood: Korean Kitchen for some unbelievable foods. The spot is located at 178B Rideau Street and is open until 10 pm through the week. For more information about Food Mood: Korean Kitchen and to know exact hours visit their Facebook page here.

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