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You'll Feel Like You Teleported To Hawaii At This New Poké Bowl Spot In Ottawa

It's the first in Ottawa!
You'll Feel Like You Teleported To Hawaii At This New Poké Bowl Spot In Ottawa

Ottawa is a little behind on the trends, we know. But at least we get to it at some point okay!?

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Ottawa's first poké bowl restaurant is finally opening in late August, and we're ready to jump on this trend. Paradise Poké is making all of our foodie dreams come true. If you've never heard of poké bowls, it's basically a sushi roll made into a bowl. Any type of protein (people usually go for tuna), you can add rice or zucchini noodles, and it's garnished with ginger or honestly, anything you want! Don't forget the seaweed, though. 

Paradise Poké has signature poké bowls that are to die for. They have spicy versions, vegan versions, and gluten free versions. So theres a bowl for everyone! Even if you're a picky eater like I am, you're bound to love these bowls as Paradise Poké lets you create your own! With the Build Your Own Paradise menu, you can literally build your own paradise. I told you you'd feel like you transported to Hawaii!

More of a sweet than salty person? Don't worry, they also sell delicious acai bowls that are organic and so fresh. Could this place get any better?

Paradise Poké is located at 134 Bank Street. If you can't afford a trip to Hawaii, this place has got you covered. For more info or to look at their absolutely delicious menu and to see when they are opening their doors, check out their website here

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