One of the best things about Ottawa is the amount of cafes we have. Walking down the street, you'll either find a unique one that catches your eye, or a Bridgehead. But either way, I'm definitely not complaining. Us Ottawans complain that we don't have a lot of things, but one of those is a significant amount of cafes. And every one that we do have is different in it's own way.

I mean, not only are all of these cafes known for their amazing coffee and delicious treats, but literally all of them are aesthetically pleasing. Each of these can make everyone that follows you jealous that they're not hanging out at that cafe that you are. And whether you like iced coffee, regular coffee, plain ol' hot chocolate or something completely different, they got you covered.

None of these cafes are hyped up, but they're all well known. So if you haven't been to even just a few of these, what are you doing?! Put at least half of these on your bucket list, grab your coffee buddies and go!

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1. Red Door Provisions // 117 Beechwood Ave

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2. Little Jo Berry's // 1305 Wellington Street West

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3. Anabia Cupcakes // 3570 Strandherd Dr

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4. Eve Café // Rideau Centre

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5. Equator Coffee Westboro // 412 Churchill Ave

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6. The Dreamland Cafe // 200 Laurier Ave W

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7. Cafe Cristal // 240 Kennevale Dr

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8. Feline Cafe // 1076 Wellington St W

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9. Blumenstudio // 465 Parkdale Ave

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10. Britannia Coffeehouse //  273 Britannia Rd

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11. The Ministry of Coffee // Multiple Locations

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12. The Grounds Cafe // 5703 Hazeldean Rd

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13. Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar // 1073 Bank St

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14. Arlington Five // 5 Arlington Ave

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15. Stella Luna Gelato Cafe // 1130 Wellington St W

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16. Aquatopia Conservatory // 2710 March Rd

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17. Origin Trade // 111 York St

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18. The Art House Café // 555 Somerset St W

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19. Quitters Coffee // 1523 Main Street South

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20. Union Street Kitchen Café // 42 Crichton Street

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21. Planet Coffee // 24 York St