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Outer Banks In North Carolina Is The Setting For New Netflix Series

Netflix is really stepping up their game, dropping a ton of new original series and movies within the past month. The latest show, Outer Banks, was released earlier today. Contrary to what the show wants viewers to believe, it’s actually not filmed in the Outer Banks in North Carolina

Outer Banks is about a group of teens that are born and raised by the beach in North Carolina. A hurricane hits the island and a teen and his three best friends go on “a legendary treasure linked to his father's disappearance,” according to the show's Netflix description. 

Despite the series' supposed location, the show was actually filmed in the summer of 2019 in Charleston, South Carolina. Due to the "Bathroom Bill" in North Carolina, production had to move the location to the neighboring state.

This law requires people to use public bathrooms based on the gender marked on their birth certificate. The cast of Outer Banks and Netflix both heavily support LGBTQ+ rights, so the show and company moved to a state where this law isn't in affect. 

Those who are familiar with the real-life Outer Banks can clearly see from the trailer that it's not their beloved island.

The Virginian-Pilot reported that some of the scenes of shorelines don’t look anything like the OBX. There's a lighthouse in the water at the actual beach that is nowhere to be found in the trailer.  

There are other logistical reasons for the filming location change as well. When you're trying to film a series or a movie, you want to have airports nearby, great lodging options and hundreds of crew members seasoned in the area.

These were hard to come by at the real OBX and are more readily accessible in Charleston. 

All 10 episodes are available to watch right now and each runs about 45 to 56 minutes. A little binging session this weekend might be just what you need to be put in a beachy mood.