You Can Explore 750-Acres Of Dreamy Pastel Painted Mountains In Colorado

Nature's palette is so incredible.
Paint Mines In Colorado Look Like A Watercolor Painting

Have you ever watched the sun turn mountains shades of purple, reds, and pinks? Well, now you can see those colors at any time of the day. The Paint Mines in Colorado look like a watercolor painting, with pastel shades streaked across towering mountains. You will feel like you've stepped right onto a canvas of rainbow hills, perfect for a magical hike through nature's best work.

There are beautiful sights all over the state, but the Paint Mines outside of Calhan, Colorado, are a true testament to nature's wonders.

As you wander through the colorful Hoodoos and towering structures, you can see how years of clay deposits have tinted them into breathtaking pastels.

You will almost think you stepped onto an artist's easel from how vividly the hues are splashed across the rocks.

The area played a huge part in history and has been used for over 9,000 years by a variety of groups, making them a fantastic geological site as well as a prime travel destination.

While you snap some incredibly breathtaking photos, you can also scope a piece of history dating thousands of years old.

You can traverse over four miles of paths and trails designated for the public to explore the area and learn more about the historical aspects of the rocks and surrounding landscape.

To get to the park, you can follow US-24 east out of Colorado Springs until you reach Yoder Street located in Calhan. Turn left after 0.6 miles onto Paint Mine Road and follow it to the main entrance.

It is open from dawn until dusk every day and is free to the public.

The paths surrounding the structures give you a great vantage point of all the dreamy colors and uniquely shaped formations.

You can't climb on the actual mountains, to preserve them in all their splendor.

If you're looking for fantastic photo ops while exploring the state, this stop will fill your feed with intoxicatingly colorful snaps.

Paint Mines

Price: Free

Address: 29950 Paint Mines Rd., Calhan, CO

Why You Need To Go: These pastel-colored formations look like something from a painting brought to life.


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