The lush green landscape situated on this cypress forest is an adventurer's dream come true. Fisheating Creek is a free-flowing watercourse feeding the Lake Okeechobee and boasting a breathtaking view.

This pristine creek offers camping, paddling, fishing and hiking near the small town of Palmdale. Here, you can get up-close with nature while exploring the waters in a canoe or kayak.

Fisheating Creek Outpost offers visitors campground sites and other activities to explore the creek. If you are an outdoor geek, you will enjoy every corner of this sublime scenery.

This picturesque site also offers hiking opportunities through the hardwood forests where you can see alligators, turtles, deer, wild boar, turkey, wading birds, raptors, an occasional black bear and more.

Kayaking or canoeing through Fisheating Creek will give you a different view of Florida. The place is serene with amazing sunset views where you can paddle 52-mile distance to the lake.

There are two trips available including the Burnt Bridge which is eight miles upstream and the Ingram Crossing, 16 miles upstream.

The stream has a caffeinated-hue due to the decaying plant matter from the trees. Its narrow course is surrounded by cypress trees offering an outstanding view. During the fall you can encounter thousands of colorful butterflies or a turkey along the water's edge.

According to a Trip Advisor user, "Words cannot express my affinity for this place. As the only free flowing water body (rain fed) into Lake O, it is just stunning."

A visit to this paradise will provide the ideal meditation spot to let go and breathe in the tranquility.

Fisheating Creek

Address: 7555 US-27, Palmdale, FL 33944

Hours: Due to the forecasted path of Hurricane Dorian the opening hours have changed. Check here for more info.

Why you need to go: This free-flowing stream has one of the best panoramic views for kayakers.