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Pamela Anderson Thinks Canadian Criminals Should Only Be Allowed To Eat Vegan

And she reached out to Justin Trudeau to make it happen.

Canadian actress Pamela Anderson has big plans to reboot Canada's prison menus, and now she’s asking the Prime Minister for help. In an open letter to the federal government, the former Baywatch star pleaded with Justin Trudeau to remove milk and meat from prisons in Canada, to improve the inmates' health and to help save the planet. While Pamela Anderson wants to make Canada’s prisons vegan, not everybody feels the same way.

Early on Wednesday morning, CTV News revealed that Pamela Anderson had taken the next step with her plans to reform Canada’s prison menus, and had contacted the recently re-elected Prime Minister for his help. In her letter, the actress and activist explains that a vegan diet would improve the health of inmates, as well as save Canadian taxpayers a considerable amount of money.

By removing staples like meat, eggs and milk, and replacing them with beans, rice, lentils and pasta, Anderson argues that funding prison meals would be a fraction of the cost, and would give both federal and provincial inmates all of the nutrients that they need. Additionally, Anderson argues, the switch would have a lasting, positive impact on the environment

In her letter to Justin Trudeau, which comes as part of her ongoing work with animal rights group PETA, Anderson wrote that the switch to vegan would be a "simple but effective way to reduce costs and improve lives."

In her letter, Anderson refers to the Canadian Government’s recently revamped food guide, which has less of an emphasis on meat and dairy, and instead encourages moving towards plant-based proteins.

She notes that fruit, vegetables, beans, lentils, and pasta would provide many necessary nutrients, at a much cheaper cost. Because most vegan ingredients don’t need to be refrigerated, Anderson described the price as being “a fraction of the cost of meat and cheeses.”

According to CTV News, Anderson suggested a similar dietary change for inmates in Arizona, U.S., four years ago. Only vegetarian meals were given to Maricopa County Jail’s 8,000 inmates, and Anderson now claims the jail reduced costs by $272,000.

Anderson argues that if this saving was applied to Canada’s 40,000 inmates, in both provincial and federal jails, the switch could potentially save the Canadian taxpayer millions.

That said, the letter has had mixed reactions from Canadians on social media.

This isn’t the first time that Pamela Anderson has become political when it comes to animal welfare. Earlier this year, the Canadian actress contacted Alberta’s Premier, Jason Kenney, to urge him to put an end to chuckwagon racing at the Calgary Stampede. 

Just months later, Anderson also called out the Toronto International Film Festival, pleading with them to stop accepting Canada Goose’s “fur-and-feather blood money” as sponsorship.

In their departmental plan, Correctional Service Canada says it provides meals that are "sufficient in quality and quantity" and in line with the Canada Food Guide.

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