Oscar Winner “Parasite” Included A Viral Canadian YouTube Video Shot In Ottawa

And the Oscar goes to...Gabriel Pizza?
Oscar Winner “Parasite” Included A Viral Canadian YouTube Video Shot In Ottawa

And the Academy Award goes to...Gabriel Pizza! Parasite, Oscar winner for Best Motion Picture, broke records this past weekend with news outlets like Foxx reporting that the international film had broken Guinness world records at the Academy Awards. Now after their big win, an amazing detail about the film was just revealed. The production included a viral video shot in an Ottawa pizza shop as footage for the film.

In the first ten minutes of the movie the protagonists, the Kim family, attempt to make money by folding pizza boxes for a local pizza shop. To inspire his family, Ki-woo presents a video on his phone that shows a young woman folding pizza boxes impressively fast.

You can watch the clip from Parasite below.

According to a 2015 interview conducted by Ottawa Sun, the YouTube video featured in the movie is of Canadian Breanna Grey.

The viral 50-second video was originally uploaded by her brother, and Grey revealed to the Ottawa Sun that it was actually filmed back in 2009 when she was an employee at Gabriel Pizza. It was posted in 2015 on a whim to see if it could gain any traction.

The Ottawa Sun also confirmed that the location of Gabriel Pizza was on Richmond Rd. in Ottawa – an establishment that holds a five-star rating on TripAdvisor.

Grey’s YouTube video currently has 1.4 million views with a second video uploaded on February 10 with over 50K views.

You can watch the original video below.

Parasite walked away from the 2020 Academy Awards with 4 wins under its belt.