Parents At An Ontario Minor League Hockey Game Got Into A Fight So "Unruly" That Police Were Called

Referees ended up calling the police in response to a few parents getting into an argument at an Ontario rink.
Parents At An Ontario Minor League Hockey Game Got Into A Fight So "Unruly" That Police Were Called

Minor league hockey games are meant to be a place where parents can cheer on their children while they make memories, friends and learn how to handle a puck. Unfortunately, some games don't go as smoothly as one would expect. While it may just be a hockey game involving young kids, spectators can get pretty riled up nonetheless especially when it comes to their own child. 

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The controversy in question all started on Saturday when a West Ferris Minor Hockey Association's minor atom game was being played at North Bay's Pete Palangio Arena. There a parent named Virginia Lavictoire told CBC News that her 10-year-old son got involved in some pushing and shoving on the ice resulting in him getting ejected from the game by the referee. 

Once he got off the ice, Lavictoire says she went to her son to console him but while she was doing so, other parents in the crowd began shouting at her son from behind her. She told CBC News, "it just gets personal when a kid is in front of you crying, visibly upset and you're going to continue to chirp at him and laugh at him and belittle him? That is not OK." Lavictoire says she "stood up for [her] son and told them where to go and [she] would do it all over again." 

While the situation sounds relatively tame, the police ended up being called shortly after by the referees. Lacvictoire claims that by the time the North Bay police had even gotten to the rink, everyone had calmed down already and no charges were laid. As a result, she believes that the situation was blown out of proportion. 

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As of now, the minor hockey league association is looking into the matter to see if a ban on attending future games for any of the parents or players involved is warranted. President Darrell Pitman told CBC News "it's to find out the truth and find out what happened." 

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Anyone who has been to a hockey rink knows that games often are no stranger to situations involving parents getting into arguments, meaning who knows if there is more to the story that resulted in the police being called. Regardless, it's fair to say that an adult chirping a crying ten-year-old isn't the best idea, whether a hockey game is involved or not.  

Source:CBC News