What’s more beautiful in this world than cheese?

We eat it off wooden boards
with delicious meats and condiments. We melt it in pots and dip other food into it. We hurl hot pasta into wheels of it and let ‘er melt.

And now, cheese loving foodies are losing their minds
over the next big thing in cheese: The Cheese Channel.

That’s right: there’s basically a Netflix for cheese. It’s the content you never knew you desperately needed. And with the motto “All Cheese Content. All the Time,” how could you go wrong?

Without further ado, welcome to your next binge sesh. Here’s why you need to get yourself over to The Cheese Channel pronto.

Via The Cheese Channel

It’s cheesy - like, REALLY cheesy

The Cheese Channel isn’t just an empty nod towards your favourite dairy product. Every single show on the channel is fully dedicated to the celebration of naturally delicious, diverse cheese choices.

The channel launched with two shows that are guaranteed to show you the gouda life.

The first series is Beyond the Cheddar, a show handcrafted for the homegrown Canadian cheese enthusiast. It’s all about two cheese-loving Bothwell Cheese employees as they attempt to work together to launch the brand new Medium and Old Non-GMO Cheddars - the first of their kind produced in Canada!

Beyond the Cheddar follows Chief Cheese Scientist Mabel Walters (how do we get that job, btw?) and Matty “the marketing guy” as they spread the word about Bothwell’s Non-GMO Cheddar.

The end result? Delicious cheese, of course, which Matty tosses to reporters during a press conference in the first episode. The two characters wind up making cheese history after all!


You can literally watch cheese melt

The second trademark show is for those who like to get their melt on. Slow Cheese is a show entirely dedicated to what’s arguably cheese’s best feature: its ooey gooey meltiness.

Who can argue against the joy of watching velvety cheese stretch and twirl until it snaps in a satisfying, gooey mess? No one, that’s who.

Slow Cheese tackles legendary melty cheese staples and broadcasts them in all their visual glory. Watch and let your mouth water at classics like grilled cheese, mozzarella pizza, fondue and poutine. If you’ve ever thought “I really wish I could just watch slow motion close-ups of cheese melting,” then Slow Cheese is the show for you. 

It champions the cheese lifestyle

Always been a little embarrassed by how much you truly love cheese? Felt like your pals never really understood when you tried to explain that cheese is life? Shh, it’s okay - you’re safe here.

The All Cheese Diet is your go-to for cheese lifestyle inspiration. Lead cheese cheerleader Chaz encourages viewers to embrace the all cheese diet: the sensation that’s sweeping the nation.

The All Cheese Diet is all about celebrating cheesy choices. A sharp cheddar for breakfast? Sure! A creamy edam for lunch? Why not! A full, nutty parmesan for dinner? Are you kidding me?! Of course!

With so many delicious cheeses to choose from, why would you ever eat anything else? We’re starting on the all cheese diet immediately.

Via The Cheese Channel

You learn about cheese culture and history

Finally, for the cheese connoisseur, there’s The Cheese Collector.

The Cheese Collector celebrates important milestones in Canadian cheese history. Follow Harry, a proud Manitoban cheese collector, as he walks you through the cheeses he’s been collecting for 40 years! Filmed from Harry’s beautiful study, you can really feel the enthusiasm he has for Canada’s proud history.

After all, it doesn’t get much more deliciously patriotic than anecdotes such as the time that the Canadian national hockey team snacked on a select gouda before a big game against the Russians.

Whether you’re an aged cheddar aficionado or a diehard mozza fanatic, The Cheese Channel is everything you need to fill the gaping, cheese-wheel shaped hole in your heart. So what are you waiting for? Pour a glass of wine, break out your favourite block and watch your cheesiest dreams come true.



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