If you’re still wearing your stretchy pants two weeks into the New Year, we feel you. The holidays are rough on all our waistlines, and we know we’re not the only ones who feel it.

There’s something so unsatisfying about going from eating all the good food of the holiday season to the reality of cleanses and diets in January. But we shouldn’t have to give up on treating ourselves just because it’s a new year.

Luckily, Milestones has introduced a limited-time menu featuring healthy superfoods, meaning you can eat out in the new year and still feel good about it. And by eating out, we don’t mean limp green salads - we’re talking mouth-watering seafood cakes and drool-inducing crème brûlée.

Via Milestones

It’s like all the feel-good of meal prep without the… well, meal prep. The Superfoods Menu takes the guesswork out of finding something at a restaurant that not only has health in mind but tastes AMAZING, too.

And it’s stuffed with ingredients like goji berries, quinoa and arugula that are famous for being good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and antioxidants. Ordering a plate with these superfood faves can help keep your immune system in check, tune up your digestive system and protect your body’s cells from damage. And let’s be real: we’re all probably needing a lot of that after the holidays.

The menu includes returning Milestones hits like Cakes by the Ocean: a fresh twist on crab cakes that subs in salmon, shrimp, quinoa and arugula with a fresh mango salsa.

The Superfood Salad will turn anyone onto salads by tossing together rice noodles, golden beets, goji berries and more, all tossed in a maple-miso dressing. The other returning star, the Fiery Tunisian Chicken, is cooked in a spicy harissa sauce and laid on top of a roasted sweet potato quinoa pilaf.

Via Milestones

But just wait ‘til you hear about the new kids on the block. The Ahi Tuna Power Bowl brings together Ahi Tuna, wasabi ponzu sauce and grilled pineapple. The Pan-Seared Rainbow Trout comes on a nourishing bed of spaghetti squash, topped with charred pineapple and goji berry salsa and basil-infused oil. Both of these options are rich in protein - useful if you’re also pursuing #gymgoals this January.

If you aren’t already drooling, check out the Chestnut Espresso Crème Brûlée. This stunner’s served with fig jam and spiced pecans and is packed with calcium, fibre and vitamins to keep your bones strong, lower your cholesterol and fuel your body with essential nutrients. Eating a whole plate of dessert never felt so good.

Via Milestones

This is the third year Milestones has rolled out their Superfoods Menu, so something must be working. You’ll want to have your besties or S/O in tow when you try out this year’s limited-time offerings – photos just won’t do ‘em justice.

Don’t wait until your New Year’s cleanse is over to get to Milestones. The Superfoods Menu is available until February 24, which means you have more than a month to have your cake (or crème brûlée) and eat it, too!



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