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Parts Of Ontario Are Getting Up To 20 Centimetres Of Snow This Friday

Ontarians should expect cold temperatures and snow flurries this Friday.
Parts Of Ontario Are Getting Up To 20 Centimetres Of Snow This Friday

Fall is coming to an end and to quote Game Of Thrones, winter is definitely coming. While Canadians are known for roughing it in the snow every winter, it doesn't mean that we're excited that the winter season is quickly approaching. 

Narcity shared the devastating news that Toronto would be hit with snow next Wednesday earlier this week, but now it looks like all of Ontario is going to get hit with a flurry storm sooner than we think. On Friday, November 9th, the whole province will be hit with snow - some parts, up to 20 centimetres of it.

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According to The Weather Network, Ontarians should prepare for rain on Friday to turn into snow as temperatures drop below freezing around the Golden Horse Shoe in Ontario. The Golden Horse Shoe represents the regions around Lake Ontario, including Toronto, Niagara, Durham, Peel, Hamilton, Halton, and York. 

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While the weather is getting worse in that area, the rest of the province should also be prepared for accumulating wet snow tomorrow. Some areas of the province will only see 5 centimetres, while others could get a dumping of snow up to 20 centimetres. 

Ontarians living on the north side of Lake Superior, in communities like Parry Sound, Timmins, and Thunder Bay, are going to be the unlucky people who get the most snow according to The Weather Network's predictions. While they'll be hit with 20 centimetres of snow, the Nickle Belt of Ontario will receive 5-10 centimetres also. 

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The lake effect snow squalls hitting Ontario may not stick around on Saturday but slushy roads and snow causing reduced visibility will make driving tricky. If you have to be out on the road this weekend it may be a good time to swap over to your winter snow tires! 

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Luckily for those living closer to the border in Southern Ontario, you may get a light dusting of snow on Friday but don't expect to pull your shovels out for the season quite yet! 

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The snowy season is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to pull your parka and winter boots out from the back of the closet.