Watch out, Texans, because Currently effective, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a report recalling an undetermined about of raw and frozen poultry products produced by Pasture Raised Foods LLC on Wednesday, June 12th.

The company, commonly known as Greener Pastures Chicken, is recalling months worth of "varying weight vacuum sealed packages containing one whole 'GREENER PASTURES CHICKEN' with the head and feet removed" containing the following labels.

Greener Pastures Chicken is located in Elgin, Texas, and sells organic, non-GMO chicken with no antibiotics or hormones.

Without the right authorization, certain poultry products produced within a certain time frame were labelled with “USDA P-34438” but did not contain the official USDA mark of inspection. Which is a big red flag for consumption!

Green Pastures Chicken is recalling all these products that were produced between the dates Nov. 29, 2018 through May 24, 2019. Be sure to check your freezers right now!

The recall is considered a Class I, meaning, consuming the items raises serious health concerns. Class I recalls are of the highest concern.

It has not been specified why these products are recalled other than that they were distributed without the benefit of federal inspection.

And while the USDA has put out that these items are a high health risk if consumed, there have been no confirmed reports of illness or bad reactions from consuming these hazardous products so far.

However, if these products are being saved in your freezer, it is recommended that you throw them out immediately. Always contact your doctor or health care provider if you have any issues with your health.

Actions are being taken to ensure these poultry items are removed from the shelves, but it is recommended that consumers double check labels before purchasing or eating previously bought Greener Pastures Chicken.

These products were shipped to households, restaurants, and retail locations. Be careful, everyone!

When purchasing raw chicken products, always look out for the official seal of USDA inspection, and do not purchase or consume products containing the label “USDA P-34438."

Stay safe, Texas, and check your labels now!