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This Adorable Black Bear Caught Showing Off His Jumping Skills In A Backyard In Canada (VIDEO)

Turns out, it’s not just Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute who like to take part in parkour. Recently, a Peachland bear was caught on video taking a huge leap off a deck in a Canadian’s backyard. The video is iconic and thankfully has been shared online for everyone to enjoy. 

According to Castanet, Jay Roberston, a homeowner in Peachland, British Columbia, came face to face with a massive bear on the morning of June 26, 2019. 

Robertson was allegedly inside his peaceful home when he heard a commotion from his patio. Upon looking outside, he saw a bear climbing up the side of his deck railing! 

Robertson recounted the incident to Castanet, stating that he was at the edge of the deck and crawled to the top - which was about seven feet up. 

Acting fast, Robertson grabbed his phone and began recording the incident and we are so glad he did! In the video posted by Castanet, you can see the bear climbing to the side of the railing. 

You can watch it below!

He then takes a giant leap of faith as he pushed out his paws and to grab onto to the tree that was directly across from him. The bear then looks around, as if impressed with what he has just done!

After his parkour stunt was over, the bear climbs down the tree as if it wasn't just the coolest thing ever.

Robertson said he has never seen a bear jump like that, and we agree! But we sure are glad it was caught on video and we actually got to witness it.

Bear sightings in areas like Peachland are not uncommon. Earlier this year, WildSafeBC warned the public about a string of sightings. In order to minimize the number of bear sightings, WildSafeBC suggested putting away garbage as trash was responsible for 71% of black bear sights in the region, Global News reports. 

Bears have the potential to be incredibly dangerous. About one month ago, a Canadian woman in BC recounted her interactions with an incredibly aggressive bear.

During the encounter, the woman had to save her pit pull from the bear attack and managed to capture it on video. Due to the aggressiveness of the bear, it was put down by conservation officers.

This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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