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Peanut Butter Fruit For Sale In Florida Tastes Delicious

Eating healthy is not always easy - or is it? With these exotic fruits that taste like peanut butter from Sow Exotic, we might just be convinced that healthy eating is not so bad after all. 

Appropriately nicknamed the Peanut Butter Fruit Tree, the Bunchosia Argentea plant produces small fruits resembling cherry tomatoes that taste and smell like peanut butter. 

The plant is native to Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Guyana and Suriname, but are also available in Florida during certain times of the year thanks to cultivators like Sow Exotic! 

The fruits ripen around the end of summer depending on the weather, but currently, the fruits at Sow Exotic are not yet ready to be picked!

You can subscribe to Sow Exotic's newsletter to find out when they will be back in stock, or you can purchase your own tree from their farm here and no matter where you live in the United States, they will ship it to you (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico)!

If you're skeptical about how these taste, check out this YouTuber's reaction to the fruit below:

While you wait for your Peanut Butter Fruit to be back in stock, be sure to check out everything else this exotic nursery has to offer, including things that are currently in stock

Additionally, you can check out the nursery in person during one of their walkthrough events

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Sow Exotic

Price: TBA

When: Seasonally/during events

Address: 4371 Fussell Rd, Winter Haven, FL 33880

Why You Need To Go: Check out an array of exotic fruits that you've never heard about, let alone tasted before! 

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