Most people can only dream of their ideal place to escape reality. This house for sale in PEI would probably be one of the greatest places to spend some alone time. It's built right on a clifftop, and has more balconies than you'd know what to do with.

Located at 141 Point View Lane in Earnscliffe, Prince Edward Island (just a 20-minute drive from the province's capital, Charlottetown), this gorgeous home has a lot to offer. 

This elegant and gorgeous home was dreamt up by a South Carolina architect working with an interior designer from Boston. It was also apparently made by a builder who is a "perfectionist."

It is fairly close to perfection. A bright interior complemented by tons of windows offering gorgeous waterfront views makes this an ideal living space.

The house itself provides 3394 square feet of living space, and it sits on a spacious 1.54-acre lot. That means that it's just as easy to enjoy all the beautiful, wide-open outdoor space as it is to enjoy the house itself.

Inside, there are four bedrooms and four bathrooms, along with modern appliances and towering 18-foot ceilings, giving you plenty of breathing room no matter where you find yourself.

One of the main attractions is the fact that living in this home gives you the chance to see tons of wildlife, including seals, eagles and foxes.

One of the other main attractions is the number of gorgeous sunsets you can watch from all your outdoor space.

Imagine waking up to the sun shining through your giant bedroom windows, and being able to step right out onto your balcony.

What better way to start your day than with a blast of fresh, ocean air?

The list price for this incredible house is $1,399,900. A seven-digit price may seem like a lot to most, but considering that a condo in Toronto or Vancouver could end up costing the same, it might just be worth it.

141 Point View Lane, Earnscliffe, PEI

Price: $1,399,900

This is an absolutely gorgeous waterfront property with plenty to offer both inside and out.

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