You Gotta See This Spectacular Red Sand Beach In Canada This Summer

Prince Edward Island is famous for Anne of Green Gables, delicious seafood, and plenty of beaches. Canada's smallest province boasts an impressive 23 beaches, so while in PEI you are never more than a few minutes away from a beach.

While in Prince Edward Island, you have to visit one of their stunning red sand beaches! The beaches are unlike anything you've seen before. Instead of the typical white or golden shade you might expect, they have a rosy red colour. The red comes from the abundance of iron from the red sandstone that has eroded onto the beach. As such the intensity of red depends on the amount of iron present.

If you want to see red sand, one hidden gem in Prince Edward Island is Thunder Cove Beach. The beach is only a short drive from the famous Cavendish Beach which attracts Anne of Green Gables fans and is an excellent spot to escape the crowds. Here you can often have the entire beach to yourself!

Thunder Cove Beach has spectacular large red sandstone cliffs along the water's edge, tall stone columns and plenty of red sand. The off the beaten path location is the perfect spot to take photos of an amazing rock formation, Tea Cup Rock, and explore the nearby sea caves.

Thunder Cover Beach is located in Darnley, between Cabot Beach Provincial Park and Cavendish Beach. From Charlottetown, it is an hour drive.

For more information about visiting Thunder Cove Beach, visit Prince Edward Island Tourism website.