This article was originally published on January 30th, 2019. 

That creepy feeling we got watching You still hasn't left us, but season two is already well underway. The show recently announced actress Victoria Pedretti will take over as You's leading lady in the upcoming season. Pedretti is no stranger to Netflix having starred in last year's hit The Haunting of Hill House. Joe Goldberg, meet bent-neck Nellie. 

Pedretti will play Joe's new romantic interest (read: obsession), Love Quinn. Love is hustling hard as a produce manager at a Whole Foods-type grocery store while she pursues her dream of becoming a chef. Whereas season one's Beck cared deeply about her social media image, Love couldn't care less. Instead, she's focused on leading an interesting life, according to TV Line. A crazy stalker boyfriend might be a little too interesting. 

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Joe (played by Penn Badgley) is single and ready to mingle after things didn't quite work out with Beck in season one. We'd say more, but nobody likes a spoiler. When Joe meets Love, she's "tending to a deep grief" and senses the same in Joe. It forges a connection between them, and—well, we'll just need to wait for season two to find out what happens next.