Meghan Markle's dad, Thomas recently gave an interview on Good Morning Britain that is getting lots of traction for a number of reasons. He talked about his daughter's relationship, implied that Harry supported Trump, and he got paid for the segment. 

But now some people online are accusing Thomas of being impaired during the interview. 

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The exclusive interview was Thomas's first major appearance since the royal wedding and the first big television interview he has ever given. 

During the interview, he looks like he is barely able to keep his eyes open, slurs his speech at certain points, and he isn't sitting upright. At one point host, Piers Morgan even comments on how relaxed Thomas seems and he's not the only one who took notice. 

...he looks ‘high’ to me..😜😜😜😜

18 June 2018

If that happened in the last few hours, dude should not drive, he’s obviously under the influence.

18 June 2018

Thomas has been in the media leading up to the wedding for multiple reasons, including staged paparazzi photos as an attempt to improve his image and most famously not attending his daughter's wedding after alleged surgery following a heart attack just days before the event

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The Markle family has an interesting past, with Thomas himself struggling financially over time and Meghan's half-siblings being involved in various legal troubles and publicly making comments about Meghan online.