People Are Fantasizing About Canada Joining New Zealand To Form "New Zanada"

It's revolutionary.
People Are Fantasizing About Canada Joining New Zealand To Form "New Zanada"

I've always strongly believed that Canada and New Zealand are "twin" countries. Canada is like the northern version of New Zealand, and New Zealand is like the southern version of Canada. They just seem to share so many similarities with one another, from their gorgeous physical landscapes to their welcoming people.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who sees their connection. Reddit threads,Facebook pagesandTwitter accounts dedicated to a fictional country called "New Zanada", the combination of Canada and New Zealand, have materialized over the past few years. These pages, which are still active today, are places where people can share their thoughts, stories and inquiries about the New Zanada and show their pride for the country.

The idea was even featured in a BuzzFeed Australia article, which fantasized the joining of the two countries: "Forever in their noisy neighbours' shadows,Canada and New Zealand have decided to form the proud nation of New Zanada," said author Simon Crerar.

On its official Reddit page, New Zanada is explained in much further detail: 

It is the nicest country in the world; a combination of Canada and New Zealand.

They are nicer than Ameristralia, which is the fictional country combining America and Australia. You can check out the Reddit page for that here.

Neither New Canada or New Zealand is better than the other. Saying otherwise goes against the pace and inclusion that the great union stands for.

Citizens are urged to always act like the kind representative of New Zanada. That means always saying sorry and substituting words like "friend", "about" and "six" with "mate", "aboot" and "sex", respectively.

The Reddit page also reveals some important New Zanada statistics:

Motto: "The nicest country in the world"

National sports: Hurling in the summer, rugby on ice in the winter

National anthems: "God defend New Zealand" and "O Canada"

Royal anthem: "God Save the Queen"

Capital cities: Ottawa and Wellington

Largest city: Toronto

Official languages: English, French and Maori

Currency: New Zanadian Dollar (ZAD)

Discussions among New Zanadians involve anything that links Canada and New Zealand together. The most recent thread involves a (fabricated) incident where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called New Zealand Prime Minister-elect Jacinda Ardern to borrow a yarn.

"That was really nice of him. I hope they had a pleasant conversation," replies one user.

Would you like to see Canada and New Zealand join to form New Zanada?

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