This story was originally published on June 4.

A hilarious video went viral recently of a fearless Canadian goose squaring up to a herd of cows and scaring them away single-handedly. In the video, the cows take turns charging towards the goose, but it doesn't back down. Eventually, the cows look defeated by the lone goose. 

The video was first posted at the end of November, and has been viewed over 1.2 million times. But, it's starting to recirculate again after a popular Toronto social media account reposted the video yesterday with the most hilarious and brilliant caption  - "This Goose is from Scarborough." They even tagged the location as Scarborough Town Centre.

People are loving the goose's new Scarborough identity, and the video's since been flooded with thousands of amazing comments.  "Scarborough's new mascot," one person wrote, "Geese are the REAL gangsters of Toronto."

"I'll say it before & I'll say it again, Canadian Geese are some real #Terrorists," someone commented. "They know they rep for Canada. Whole country got their back. You catch a case with the feds for touching em." 

Via 6ixbuzztv,

Some of the comments make the video even funnier to watch. "Yoo this goose holding down the whole Kingston road strip," one comment reads. Another person said, "That a finch goose... I seen him near York University."

"This is basically Canada vs the USA," someone wrote, which is somehow the most accurate observation ever. 

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There's also an overwhelming amount of requests for a voiceover remake of the video, with the goose as a Scarborough gangster.  When the voiceover video gets made, we'll be the first ones to let you know.