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This New Movie On Netflix Is Making People Want To Throw Up And Call In Sick To Work

It seems like Netflix took more inspiration than just casting from the Oscar award winning movie Get Out. The movie hit the platform on May 24th and takes the concept of being gory and twisted to a whole new level. It’s so intense that people are saying The Perfection on Netflix is making them sick.

The Perfection stars Allison Williams, who was also in Get Out, and Logan Browning. They both play musicians who went to the same high class music school as kids. Their characters Charlotte and Lizzie meet again as adults and start a whirlwind romance. 

The first five minutes is the only part of the movie that can be considered normal. After the characters brief romance, they’re off on a school bus that leads them to people throwing up maggots, body limbs being cut off, and so many gory twists and turns that we literally lost count.

It’s honestly no surprise that people are complaining that The Perfection is making them sick.

If you thought Get Out had a messed up concept, wait until you watch this movie. 

Some people were so distrubed by the movie that they felt like they needed to call into work:

Other people agreed that it was way to gory but still praised where the film ended up:

The more surprising part is that majority of the viewers on twitter actually loved the film and didn't mind the gore at all. 

We have to admit the film is well made. The Perfection constantly keeps you on your feet with their frequent plot twists and 'OMG' moments. If you don't mind the gore, it seems like it's a definite yes for your Netflix watch list. 

Whether or not you enjoyed the movie, I think we can all admit that Allison Williams does creepy really well.

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