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People Are Suggesting That Netflix Might Be Lying About Their Viewership Numbers

Netflix projected that 40 million accounts would be watching Originals 'You' and 'Sex Education'.
People Are Suggesting That Netflix Might Be Lying About Their Viewership Numbers

If you've ever tried to look into the number of viewers who watch certain things on Netflix, you may have found that the information isn't so readily available. Netflix tends to keep their user data top secret, even from most of its employees. As of mid-January though, the streaming service has begun to share numbers with the public, but upon gaining this information, people are suggesting that Netflix might be lying about their viewership numbers.

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Just a few weeks ago, Netflix announced that a projected 40 million accounts would be watching their new Original series' You and Sex Education. I've watched both these shows myself, and I'll admit that I was seriously impressed and definitely recommended them to several of my friends. Let's keep in mind though, Netflix said 40 million "accounts", not just individual viewers.

I know that when I'm watching Netflix, I rarely watch it alone, and many of us share our accounts with friends or family, so Netflix is hoping to make a point that they have double or even triple that number of individual viewers per show. 

Upon hearing this news, many journalists felt skeptic. Sure, both You and Sex Education have been renewed for a second season, and they are both entertaining shows, but if their viewership is as high as Netflix is suggesting, then both of these shows would be Game of Thrones level popular. Suddenly things are starting to sound a little bit less realistic.

We also need to take in account that Netflix is a streaming service that provides services to most of the world, and with a population of 7.7 billion, a viewership of 40 million doesn't even cover 1% of the world's population. Obviously, not every single person in the world has a Netflix account, but those statistics definitely help to put things into perspective.

Because the information isn't so easily accessible to us, we're sort of put into a position where we as viewers have no choice but to believe the information that Netflix provides us with. I think that until we're able to actually read the stats for ourselves, it's important to take what Netflix is telling us with a grain of salt, and just enjoy the content for ourselves, regardless of how many other people are also watching it.

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