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People Have Been Turning A Super Old Drake Tweet Into A Meme And It's Hilarious

Drake's moody tweet from 2012 has resurfaced as a meme.
People Have Been Turning A Super Old Drake Tweet Into A Meme And It's Hilarious

Drake has been the subject of a few memes in his day, but for the latest meme, fans are throwing it way back to 2012. 

Six years ago the superstar from the 6ix tweeted out "what am I going to do? say no?" and now fans have made the moody 2012 tweet a viral sensation.

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Fans are re-tweeting Drake's tweet with their own captions and the results are hilarious because face it "what am I going to do? say no?" is the ultimate mood for all of us sometimes.

whenever any animal comes within petting distance of me

July 25, 2018

me: MAN I’M SO BROKE, i need to stop all this careless spendingfriend: u wanna grab food? me:

July 24, 2018

when your hairdresser asks if you’re happy with it

July 22, 2018

Some of these are honestly just too relatable. This meme perfectly captures the little societal peer pressures people feel every day, whether it's when someone stops you on the street to ask for directions or when you've already had more than enough but your friend buys you another drink at the bar, what are you going to do, say no? 

when a website asks if I have read the terms and conditions

July 25, 2018

Club Penguin: Do you have your parents permission?Me at 10 years old:

24 July 2018

The best part about viral memes is when businesses and restaurants get in on the action, just like Panera Bread did with this one. 

When they ask if you want a side of bread with your bread bowl.

25 July 2018

It's not exactly clear how or why this six-year-old tweet emerged recently but considering Drake's Twitter has been all about promoting Scorpion lately fans are happy to get a throwback taste of old moody Drake.