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People In B.C. Keep Finding Sharp Pins In Their Food And Police Have An Unsettling Theory About It

The RCMP is investigating three separate incidents of people finding small sharp sewing pins in their grocery store purchases. All three incidents happened in the Nanaimo, B.C. area. The first one was reported in December, and the most recent incident happened this month. 

All three cases happened in different grocery stores in the area -- the Real Canadian Superstore, Costco and Fairway Market. The pins are being discovered in Grimm's meat products, including packaged pepperoni sticks and Ukrainian sausage.

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But, even though Grimm's products have been the target in each report, police are sure that the packages aren't being tampered with at the Grimm facility. They believe that someone's actually putting them into the packages while the products are on display in the grocery store.

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"We've had situations, not like this, where product was tampered with," RCMP Constable O'Brien says, "But nothing in recent memory of anybody putting a sharp object inside a food product."

If you have any information regarding these instances, please contact @NanaimoRCMP

April 30, 2018

Though no injuries were reported, the RCMP is warning shoppers to pay extra attention to the packaging of grocery store products for any signs of tampering before they buy and open them. They're also asking shoppers to contact the RCMP immediately if an incident like this occurs. 

Source: Nanaimo News Now