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People Keep Telling Khloe Kardashian To Stop Dating Basketball Players And Her Response Is So Weird

Khloe Kardashian opened up about her breakup with Tristan Thompson on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'.

The longer you've been in the dating game, the more you start to realize what your "type" is. For example, some girls tend to go for the stereotypical "tall, dark, and handsome" type of man, while others prefer the guy-next-door, nerdy type. There are about a million different "types' out there, and it's totally possible to have more than one. One thing I've noticed about the Kar-Jenner clan over the years is that most of the sisters seem to have a type - athletes, but those relationships don't tend to go so well. People keep telling Khloe Kardashian to stop dating basketball players and her response is so weird.

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On Monday, April 1st, Khloe Kardashian sat down alongside Kim and Kourtney for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. As to be expected, Kimmel took some time to ask Khloe about the "character she had a baby with". He even had the balls to ask what we've all been thinking for years - "is it time to stop dating basketball players?"

If you look at Khloe's relationship track record, she's definitely been done by plenty of ballers in the past. There was Rashad McCants, who Khloe claims cheated on her, her ex-husband Lamar Odom who ALSO cheated on her, among other things, James Harden, who Khloe also says cheated on her, and of course, Tristan Thompson, who definitely cheated on her. Yikes.

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When Kimmel asked her if she'd be switching up her type anytime soon, Khloe responded by saying, "I don't know, you know. I like what I like, what can I say?" So... You're telling us you like being regularly emotionally manipulated and cheated on? Sheesh! Do better, Khloe.

Later on in the interview, Khloe does admit that she should, "listen to [her] grandmother and start to date accountants or something like that." We totally agree. After being cheated on more times in the last few years than most people endure in a lifetime, I think we can all agree that Khloe deserves better, but she has to be willing to fight for it and not just settle for another pretty face.