Canadians seem to be obsessed with proposed acquisitions of new lands and territories. Within the past ten years, they have debated the possible joining of various American states and island nations to Canada, including: California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Hawaii, Turks and Caicos, and even Iceland.

More recently, another U.S. territory has landed in Canada's crosshairs Alaska. In an online poll on Reddit asking Canadians which U.S. states they would like to join their country, Alaska was revealed as the most favoured state for annexation:

Surprisingly, Alaskans were also generally in favour of the idea. A follow-up poll in /r/alaska showed 80% of respondents in support of the state joining Canada as the 11th province:

Of course, the polls conducted were completely unscientific, but they still offered some proof that interest in the entire notion was still there, and from both sides too.

Though the majority of Alaskans on Reddit supported the idea, some did have a few conditions...

"We're keeping our guns." - SpoonEndedHammer

"And 4th of July!" - Masauca

"And our tax rate and our oil." - bamdastard

"Only if we get to be called 'Left Canada'" - Alaskaty

...As well as a few concerns and resistance:

"Will I get two-day shipping on my [Amazon] Prime account?" - eagleclaw457

"You hosers keep your bagged milk out of here!" - brogrammer9k

"Can we have your health coverage?" - SocialCandyEater

"America has a better Netflix catalog. I think I'll stay." - Unknown

But for the most part, it was all love and support:

"In all seriousness, Canada is much more aligned with Alaska's pro-resource development and socially-liberal views.  The only major difference is views on gun control." - nordak

"You bet. We love hockey, have an abundance of moose and beaver, and are used to being marginalized on a federal level by a larger southern population." - Genghis_John

"Dude, I love Canada and wouldn't mind no longer having borders between our fine Province and BC and the Yukon. Just as long as we get to keep our legal weed and guns." - akblah 

"Thank you for asking. I support this, based solely on the increase of access to delicious imported Cadbury chocolate. Hershey can go to hell." - Unknown

Personally, I think Alaska should join Canada just so it would look less out of place on a map... But that's just my OCD talking.

What do you think?