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People Who Own Obnoxiously Modded Honda Civics Get Brutally Roasted

We all know at least one person who owns an obnoxiously modded car. In the car community, such person is referred to as a "ricer" — a person who makes unnecessary modifications to an import car (hence the term "rice") to make it (look) faster. It's actually a pretty offensive term, but it's often thrown around by car enthusiasts who just love to rip on other people's bad mods.

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Of the several import cars that typically get modded, Honda Civics seem to get the most heat. Certain mods, when done right, can actually make an Honda Civic look spectacular. However, most of the time ricers are called out for ugly or useless mods like huge exhausts that serve no purpose other than to make the car sound louder, or a giant spoiler that "looks like something Boeing made for the 747." 

Urban Dictionary seems to be particularly bitter about modded Honda Civics. Here are some of their most brutal roasts of their ricers:

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