Move over, Nicholas Sparks, here comes the love story of the century. An Alberta woman who was at the scene of the Las Vegas mass shooting is now engaged to the man that saved her life. The two are set to tie the knot in the near future but until then, they are madly in love and enjoying every moment together. 

In September 2017, Las Vegas was the home to a mass shooting where a gunman opened fire on thousands of concertgoers from a nearby hotel room.

The shooter killed over 50 people and injured hundreds more. 

At the scene of the massacre was Alberta native Chantel Melanson, but she wasn’t always meant to be there. 

During a trip to Sin City, Melanson met her now-fiancé Austin Monfort at a country bar no less than 24 hours before the shooting. 

In an interview with Narcity, she recounted the traumatic events and how they brought her together with the love of her life. 

While on her girls' trip, Monfort asked Melanson to meet him the following night at a country music festival that was taking place outside of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

During the concert, tragedy struck when the gunman opened fire. 

Feeling a sense of responsibility for his date, Monfort protected her. 

“It honestly didn’t feel like real life. It happens so fast that you don’t have much time to process,” said Melanson. 

She remembers being with her date and his friends when the shooting happened. When they began to run out of the festival grounds, they lost all his friends and it was just the two of them. 

“Austin never left my side that night. Hand in hand as complete strangers we ran across the entire festival grounds trying to escape the gunfire,” wrote Melanson on Instagram. 

"We found ourselves in a taxi with a wounded spectator. Rushed to the hospital we stayed there into the morning.”

The two then parted ways and went back home as their vacations were over, although, they kept in contact. 

While it was a heroic gesture, the two didn’t instantly begin dating. 

They took turns visiting one another as Melanson lived in Canada and Monfort in California. 

During the first few trips, they were still getting to know one another and figuring out how long-distance dating could work between two different countries. 

Eventually, Melanson knew he was the one when Monfort met her family and he “fit in so well.” She called this trip perfect. 

The two got engaged in March of 2019 at their favourite spot, Laguna Beach. 

Their wedding was postponed as it was supposed to be held on May 8, 2020, but due to COVID-19, things had to be put on hold.

With travel bans still in place, they can't continue to plan their wedding as they're both living in California and Melanson’s family is in Canada. 

The couple's wild ride has captured the attention of many and rightfully so.

They even have a joint Instagram account that shows them madly in love and going on fun adventures in case you needed more evidence as to how these two are the cutest.

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