Floridians have something adorable to "shellebrate." There's a Gulf Coast Volkswagen Beetle that's covered with over 20k seashells collected from the Sunshine State. The design was spearheaded by a local "shellebrity" and avid beachcomber, Pam Rambo. The coolest part? This mermaid-mobile also still drives.

This uniquely colorful beetle is known as the Shell Love Bug. It's decked out with 67 different species of beautiful seashells found in the Sanibel Island area by Pam and Clark Rambo, the Sanibel Shell Crafters, and their friends.

The ambitious group project took a lot of work to create. Over 100 tubes of glue were used to bring the masterpiece to life. After more than 1,200 hours and 34 days of meticulous gluing, Rambo and volunteers successfully added the 200 pounds of beach bling to the bug.

Despite the added weight, this beauty still drives. The Shell Love Bug has been spotted surfing all around Florida's beautiful cities in places like Sanibel Island, Cape Coral, Captiva, Fort Myers, and many more.

But it's done more than delight Floridians. The shell-shocking vehicle has also visited other states, like Minnesota. The VW regularly travels all over, keeping a tour schedule on their website so you can know where it will show up next!

The Shell Love Bug was a true labor of love. Pam used only hand-collected shells from her many beachy adventures. The mermaid-mobile serves as a monument to her love of seashells and the many happy memories that going to the beach has given her.

Her creative car was even featured on Good Morning America back in 2016.

Rambo's official website for The Shell Love Bug features more photos and details about what all went into the project.

Rambo also keeps a blog that includes tips for beachcombers like herself. There is advice on hunting for shells and other beach treasures, detailing some of the best places to go for shelling.

It doesn't get any cuter than this. This spruced-up ride is one that will make you say "Shell yeah!"

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