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Canada Is Spending $2 Billion To Buy Masks & Other Equipment For Health Care Workers

Trudeau says the entire world is trying to get its hands on it.
Personal Protective Equipment In Canada To Be Bought With $2 Billion Set Aside By The Government

The Prime Minister has announced more funding from the federal government because of COVID-19. This time money will go towards keeping health care workers safe. Personal protective equipment in Canada just got a boost from the government with $2 billion set aside to buy it. 

On March 31, Trudeau announced that Canada is allocating the huge sum of money to purchase this necessary equipment that is needed by health care workers across the country.

"This includes things like more masks and face shields, gowns, ventilators, test kits and swabs, and hand sanitizer," he said.

During his daily press conference, the Prime Minister said that bulk purchases with the provinces and territories will happen as well.

He also thanked everyone who is making these products and businesses that are retooling operations to start making equipment needed by healthcare workers.

"Protective personal equipment is essential to protect our healthcare workers that are on the frontlines of this fight," Trudeau said.

Demand for masks, ventilators and other necessary equipment is going up.

"The entire world is trying to get its hands on the various equipment needed to fight this virus," Trudeau said.

Canada is expecting shipments to arrive in the coming days and the supplies will be distributed to wherever they're needed.

The Prime Minister also put some pressure on Canadians to do their part for the healthcare system in our country.

"There is no question that we will need more masks, ventilators and testing kits but how many more we need depends entirely on you," he said. "If you stay home and follow public health recommendations you can slow the spread."

That means there will be fewer people in the hospital, fewer people to test and fewer people that need to use ventilators.

"It is so important for everyone to keep pressure off the healthcare system by staying home," Trudeau said.

Trudeau said that people across the country need to be responsible about using the equipment that's available.

He also commended healthcare workers for everything they're doing to keep Canadians safe and to keep themselves safe so that they can continue to fight this virus.

With high demands, businesses and companies in Canada are stepping up to help out.

Bauer shifted from making hockey equipment to making face shields and an IKEA store in Vaughan, Ontario found 66,000 N95 masks which were then donated to a local hospital.