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Trudeau Says That "Plane Loads Of PPE" Will Be Arriving In Canada Almost Every Day

It will be essential for reopening the economy.
Personal Protective Equipment Will Arrive In Canada By the "Plane Load" Says PM

Masks, gloves, and face shields have become practically worth their weight in gold. With the supplies of personal protective equipment running low in Canada, the need for more is imperative. The Prime Minister has now said that more will be coming almost every day.

During the question period of his April 25 address to Canadians, Justin Trudeau said that there will be plenty more PPE coming into the country, with plane loads arriving almost every day next week.

He also said that domestic production capacity will be "ramping up rapidly" to keep up with the demand that continues to grow across the country.

"These are the things that we need to make sure we're getting right," Trudeau said, "so as to ensure all the sacrifices we've made over the past weeks won't be for nothing."

These statements were made in response to questions about working with provinces in order to reopen the economy. 

The Prime Minister had said in a previous address that the federal government would be working the provincial premiers on principles and guidelines for starting their economies back up.

These would include comprehensive testing and contact tracing, but Trudeau reiterated the need for PPE to ensure workplace safety.

"I don't think we should be talking about reopening any parts of the economy if we do not have a strong plan to protect people working there and prevent the spread of COVID-19," the Prime Minister said.

Trudeau has stated that the federal government will allow provinces to take charge on how they choose to reopen their economies.

However, he noted that all Canadians should follow their local public health guidelines, no matter what may be happening elsewhere.

Trudeau noted that this still includes the government's most frequent recommendations of washing your hands, staying home as much as possible, and maintaining distance from other people.

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