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Animal Shelters In Tennessee Are Letting You 'Quarantine Adopt' A Furry Friend

Working from home might not be so bad with a friend.

If you're not used to working from home, it can be a very hard adjustment to make. Not only can it be somewhat lonely, but it can also get very boring very fast. Keeping yourself busy is key and having a pet to play with can help pass the time. Now is the perfect opportunity for pet adoptions in Tennessee for you to have a trusty companion 

Local animal shelters all over the state are closing their doors to visitors, but that doesn't mean you can't adopt or foster a sweet pup

In both Memphis and Nashville, the shelters are looking for more people to foster a furry friend for the duration of the virus outbreak or adopt one to keep for the long run.

These 'quarantine adoptions' are needed now more than ever and you can do your part by taking an animal in. They'll not only keep you company, but they'll surely make your heart flutter. 

The Nashville Humane Association is actually doing adoptions over the phone and then meeting with the new family at a neutral, safe location to bring them their new baby. 

A local couple were in contact with the shelter via Twitter and now, anyone can 'quarantine adopt' from the humane association over the phone. 

They were actually fostering a dog for a few days before the shutdown of the shelter and couldn't imagine life without the pup.

At the Memphis Animal Services location, they've knocked down adoption prices to just $20.

You can search on their website for which animals are available for adoption, and go pick them up from the shelter as soon as you like.

If you're not quite ready to take the leap of adoption, you can foster a pup or a cat during this stressful time. This will help out the shelters and be great for your mental health. 

Whichever choice you decide to make, these furry creatures will be happy to have some type of human companionship.